HDF compact stackable solenoid valves

HDF compact stackable solenoid valves

Now available the HDF*-ES series compact stackable solenoid valves, designed to make  extremely compact and light groups, tightened by standard tie-rods.

  • Nominal flow: 20l/min
  • Maximum pressure: 250 bar (P,A,B)
  • Maximum pressure: 200 bar (T)
  • Solenoids for 12 or 24V DC, 115V and 230V  RAC (needed plugs with current rectifier).

HDF2-ES variant allows the assembly of intermediate modular elements, such as:

AMF-CP double piloted check valves on A and B lines

AMF-MO pressure relief valves on P, A or B lines

AMF-RO pressure reducing valves on P line

AMF-MO-EV2O venting module

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